Pipeline SMS Tools

Taking on the implementation of a Pipeline SMS, regardless of the level of the company, is tough. The API RP 1173 Implementation Team recognizes this offers tools to help. Each of these helps in your journey along the Pipeline SMS Maturity Model, which has been selected by all the segments of the pipeline industry to ensure this is a unified effort to implement Pipeline SMS. Additionally, the tools are applicable and scalable allowing for all sizes to utilize as appropriate.

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Pipeline SMS Resources

The initial step for a company is to have commitment from leadership. Acknowledging this can be achieved through signing and returning to API the Pipeline SMS and Group Agreement letters. Additionally, the API RP 1173 Implementation Team has hosted many events to help industry in their journey. There were valuable sharings from these events that can continue to inform operators.

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Pipeline SMS Documents

It is often crucial to have documents to explain Pipeline SMS to all levels in an organization. The API RP 1173 Implementation Team realized this and developed three booklets to help explain the “Why,” “What,” and “How” of Pipeline SMS. Additionally, the key concept of Plan-Do-Check-Act needs to be reported on an industry level, so the pipeline industry wants to show its progress or opportunity for improvement through a Pipeline SMS Annual Report.

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