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Pipeline SMS 2016 Annual Report

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View the Pipeline SMS 2016 Annual Report here.

Pipeline SMS Booklets

Booklet 1 – Why a Pipeline SMS Will Benefit Pipeline Safety: This booklet introduces the values behind a SMS of flexibility, scalability and the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle as well as the benefits of establishing a holistic framework to pipeline safety.


Booklet 2 – What is a Pipeline SMS?: Booklet 2 describes the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle and its relation to industry-wide pipeline core values of safety, learning from experience, and continuous improvement. This booklet will also describe how each of the essential elements in API RP 1173 will improve safety culture.


Booklet 3 – How to Implement a Pipeline SMS: The final installment in the SMS series, this booklet includes suggestions and guidance for how to build and execute an implementation plan for API RP 1173.